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✓ Passport VOD UI Evolution to 7.x for VTR
✓ Interface Integration SAML (Authentication Service) Puerto Rico.
✓ Performance optimization VTR recommendation carousel.

Engineering and Backoffice

✓ Implementation of the Recommendation Engine (RENG) of
✓ Review of metadata ingested by RENG for
✓ CloudTV project with ARRIS as integrator for LLA Puerto Rico.
✓ SmartRec Phase I - Catchup TV - VOD SmartRec Phase II, Replay TV
✓ Analysis and Management of Content Intake.
✓ AMC Networks and HBO Deal. Incorporation and replacement of signals
on the HD and Analog linear grids.
✓ Testing (TFT-TFO) for Horizon Go and nPVR Projects
✓ Centralized VOD Metadata Editor (CVME)
✓ Media Destillery


✓ Unified Inventory Management Oracle
✓ Linear and non-linear TV capabilities

Project Management

✓ VTR Play
✓ GO 85 HD
✓ EOS Replay / Nagra
✓ INVIDI Segmented Advertising
✓ New signals with Cue Tone Digital SCTE35
✓ IT development for ASP Segmented Advertising - PBI Reporter
✓ Enabling National Channels with SCTE35

Television Laboratory

✓ Administration, control and resource management of the
VTR testing.

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