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Main Services

Conectivity and Networks

Desing, installation, management and administration of communicaction networks.

Television Area

Consultancy, Support and Assisted operation for Television, Cable TV and VOD.

Projects Administration

We use the correct tools for the projects to be done according to the defined timelines, achieving high degrees of conformity.

Business Service

We offer the best supporting services for the Managerial Counseling Management. We provide solutions in tactical areas (sales, production), strategic areas (Senior management, General Management, Bussines management, etc), using widely recognized and proved methodologies.

TI Administration

With modern methodologies, we build sistems of information that helps to cover internal and external needs from the organization.

Control Distance Monitoring

We work with SCADA equipment all in one. They possess a WEB server integrated and they establish communications bringing by email and text messages to monitoring and control applications. Their innovate technology allows to accede in real time from any movile device, PC or PDA, creating highly profitale solutions.

How we work

Step 1

The requirements of the client are taken.

Step 2

The work is done according to the terms.

Paso 3

Feedback for showing advances or for properness and improvements.